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  • Help! My puppy bites!


    A guide on how to stop hard and inappropriate biting When teaching at puppy class, a woman came up to me with an adorable puppy. He was biting basically all the time. She asks me for help. In the way she asks, I can see it is an emotional thing. The puppy has already unintentionally gone […]

  • Ryuk
  • Playdate with Duco!

    Ryuk and Duco

    Ryuk is turning into a lanky teenager at five months old. His build seems ‘too tall’, a typical awkward phase all the german shepherd puppies have to get through. He is also experiencing his first surge of testosterone, at least as far as I can tell based on his behavior. All of a sudden, the […]

  • Ryuk
  • Emergency Vet Visit


    Wow. What a day. Early in the morning, after a walk and breakfast, Ryuk’s eyes started swelling. He was growling and pawing his face. Emergency call to the vet, right away. The clinic would open in 15 minutes, and I should be there when it does. The vet said the symptoms sounded like an allergic […]